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New Venture Consultants; your one stop shop for business solutions.

We are a unique collection of small business advisors, accomplished in growing or turning around small to medium size companies. We provide our clients with a range of business services at affordable rates with quick turnaround times. We do not sit around in board rooms disgorging all kinds of meaningless and trite phrases. We are action oriented to ensure that you will achieve your business goals. But, that is not the whole story. We are much more than that!


As a diversified group of highly trained and very experienced professionals we are capable of taking on and successfully completing a wide assortment of challenges. We have a portfolio of over 400 clients that can be viewed as evidence of our success. 

Our team members have an assortment of business-related, educational backgrounds and professional designations. Every one of NVC’s consultants has at least 25-years of direct industry experience in their respective fields. But, because we have different backgrounds, capabilities, and personalities, these variations provide us with tremendous flexibility.


We are not a monolithic, formula driven organization. No matter what you do your business is very unique, and has its own unique challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that will work for every business. A business plan for a candy shop in Calgary Alberta is very different than a business plan for a candy shop in Flin Flon Manitoba, and the difference is not simply because of the distance between them.   

You can be assured that when we talk to you about your business we will certainly be considering the unique qualities of your business, and also how we might be able to cross-over some of our pioneering concepts into your business to help develop it into the success that you have dreamed it will become.

Each client business is treated as a new “project”.  You will be assigned a “Project Manager” who will be your first point of contact for all business discussions. Internally to NVC, your project manager will assemble a team of subject matter experts to help create a go forward plan. Depending on your business needs the subject matter experts may include a mix of marketing, financial control (CFO), training, organizational and operational development (COO), quality control, IT (CTO), or others. The team’s broad expertise will be applied to your needs, whether it pertains to Start-up, Turn Around, Process Re-Engineering, Financing, or something else. Over time, NVC’s talent pool may be adjusted to better reflect new and evolving requirements as your business begins to develop.  


Most of the tasks we undertake are not just simple assignments to satisfy some immediate need, but rather these tend to be important elements of much bigger and longer term objectives. For instance, a business plan is not just a simple document to obtain a bank loan, it also serves as a planning tool to organize upcoming marketing activities, it‘s management‘s control over production budgets, it‘s a guideline for that firm‘s human resource structures, and it explores the regulatory and competitive environments that the firm must deal with in moving forward. Moreover, the business plan prepared today will need to be reviewed and updated at regular intervals in the future as circumstances and events unfold.


We are committed to helping our clients succeed. We want to contribute to the growth and success of these businesses, and we know that our reputation will be directly tied to our efforts. In other words, we understand that our ultimate success is absolutely connected to how our clients do over the long haul. Many of our clients are long-term, repeat customers. We provided services when they first set up shop, and have been called back again and again over the years to provide additional work.  

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