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Business Planning

Business Planning

Business Planning

Without a plan, a business can’t be successful. Business plans not only formulate a roadmap to navigate the future of the venture, they also help business leaders secure investments and other financing to help them get off the ground.

Hence, business plan documents can’t be taken lightly. New Venture Consultants has been creating business plans for ventures in Calgary, elsewhere in Alberta and all across Western Canada for 30 years.

A business plan identifies the products and services offered by your company and examines the underlying economics and competitive forces at play, as well as describing the production, distribution and marketing requirements of the venture. Further, the document is most often taken to external parties as a tool to help secure finances, such as loans, lines of credit, equipment leases and investor equity placement.

At Calgary-based New Venture Consultants, we’re well-versed in the world of business plan writing and know that these documents need to be both informative and reader friendly. There needs to be a proper balance between these two to achieve the desired result. Too much technical jargon or operational detail and the reader will lose interest, but on the other hand, insufficient information will raise suspicions.

Why have New Venture Consultants create your business plan? Often, business-oriented documents can take several months to create, especially for people who don’t have much experience writing them. Let New Venture Consultants write a professional and well-researched business plan for you, so you can get back to your most important task: running your business.

Click the links below to view sample business plans we've created for our clients. Business names have been changed to protect privacy.

Business plans are our main service. With our experience, you’ll have our broad background knowledge on your side, leading to a better-structured document that gets the results you need.


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