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David M. Caul

David M. Caul

    Today, David is keen to share his wisdom and knowledge with start-up organizations, passing on experience gained during more than 28 years in commercial finance and contract CFO positions, as well as business consulting. 
    Drawing on a diverse background that spans industries and assignments, David has been a senior strategic advisor addressing long-term financial strategy, sustainable growth and operations management.
    By offering his services as a business advisor, strategist and Contract CFO, David brings an opportunity for businesses to have an experienced CFO without the cost. 
    Accounting staff will remain and grow with David’s oversight. His experience and strategic CFO applications can enhance the organization’s ability to determine “the way ahead.” Advantages of this approach are that it carries less risk and is more cost-effective: fewer role adjustments, no hiring expenses, lower salary costs, no orientation. Not to be overlooked is the opportunity for a junior, motivated accountant to grow and move upward in his or her career.
    A CFO is proactive and leads business strategy, vastly increasing an organization’s capacities, strengths and depth. Strategic plans, projections and forecasts will help ensure the long-term success of the organization. A CFO must be entrepreneurial, assisting all disciplines in the organization. For example, the President and CEO can benefit from a CFO’s financial guidance and counsel on issues such as expansion, partnering, business models and potential acquisitions, benchmarking, interpreting financial data, problems and opportunities, and innovative ways to measure performance. 
    David’s success strategies have earned him a sterling reputation within the banking industry and among his peers and clientele. A future business entrepreneur stands to benefit from the knowledge gained through his very successful career; in fact, this is an opportunity to gain 28 years’ experience in just one day!

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