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David St. Amand, B.Sc., M.Cnt. Ed.

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David St. Amand, B.Sc., M.Cnt. Ed.

    David is an experienced learning advisor and organizational analyst. He is also a concise, clear technical writer specializing in proposals, policy and safety manuals, organizational descriptions and business plans.

    As a technical writing and technical communications professional, he draws upon his extensive experience gained in such sectors as oilfield services, real estate, logistics, agriculture, post-secondary education, automotive and construction. He simplifies the complex; he writes clear, easy to read, pleasant copy. He communicates complex information in plain language to those who need it to accomplish a task or goal.

    When it comes to corporate training, David concentrates on gap analysis, training design and implementation, new manager training, and train-the-trainer sessions. He researches, analyzes and recommends integrated strategies and initiatives to adjust the employee mix, and to attract, develop and retain talent to drive business success. He coaches and consults entrepreneurs and business partners to ensure effective resource capability and employee deployment.

    He is a skills development specialist who listens carefully, strives to improve employee performance in specific skills, considers the context of learning/training as well as the content, trains trainers and enables efficient employee self-directed learning.

    David works easily with peers, SMEs, entrepreneurs, external consultants, educational institutes and senior executives. He works well in teams and he delivers results on time and within budget.

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